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Our Survival – No. 1 Reason Ecosystems Are the Future! [Part 2]

In part 1 of this post, I introduced “our survival” as the top reason I believe ecosystems are the future. I focused on redefining community via an internet of emotions as crucial to addressing social issues that threaten our survival. However, redefining community alone won’t solve our social issues. We will need to align our priorities and utilize every cognitive and creative ability at our disposal to create solutions that enable us to endure. That is what I’ll focus on in part 2 of the post.

Hyper-productivity – No. 2 Reason Ecosystems Are the Future!

I’m counting down the top ten reasons that ecosystems are to become the dominant structure of the future. In the previous post of this series, I presented the concept of abundance, noting that exponential technologies are enabling us to meet the world’s subsistence needs while ecosystems are emerging as alternatives to our current industries.

In this post, I will focus more specifically on how ecosystems will evolve as our values progress.

Spiral Dynamics

The following overview of the Spiral Dynamics framework was excerpted from a 2006 keynote speech…