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Ecosystem Strategy

Ecosystem Strategy

This presentation outlines the symbiotic relationship between communities & platforms in successful ecosystems.  

Ecosystem Intent Toolkit

Ecosystem Intent Toolkit

The Ecosystem Intent Toolkit helps innovators and social entrepreneurs rapidly identify key areas of intent during the early stages of platform and ecosystem design.

Mindsets & Ecosystems

Using Spiral Dynamics, we present how evolving mindsets are leading to the emergence of ecosystems.…

Ecosystem Of You Prezi

The Ecosystem Of You embeds providers and prosumers across all industries into people’s routines, making life simple and fulfilling.

Ecosystem Series

An easy reference to the Top Reasons Ecosystems Are The Future series.

EoY Video

Ecosystem Of You Video

An explainer video on the Ecosystem of You, a model that describes how we might organize as the lines between industries blur and platforms proliferate.

Ecosystem Of You Intro & FAQ

A short overview presentation on the Ecosystem of You and a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Ecosystem Of You Presentation

The Ecosystem of You represents a model for future organizing where industry lines blur and collaborative ecosystems emerge.