Spiral Dynamics Orange / Prosperity Mindset


The Orange “Prosperity” vMEME, the fifth “awakening” began only 300 years ago. Its tagline is: Act in your own self-interest by playing the game to win.

Some of the characteristic beliefs and actions of this vMEME include:

  • Strongly expressed individualism; Orange breaks away from the “herd” of the Blue vMEME.
  • Developed human rights, legal freedoms, free markets, capitalistic democracies
  • Strong faith in science and rationality, which eclipse superstition
  • Seeking to live the “good life” with material abundance
  • Believe that optimistic, risk-taking, and self-reliant people deserve their success
  • Play to win and enjoy competition; very success driven
  • Basing principles on ethics, not religion
  • Ignoring of inner spirituality to a high degree; the subsequent loss of the sacred

The Orange vMEME is expressed in ways such as the following: The Enlightenment, “success” ministries (such as Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins), American “Founding Fathers,” Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Wall Street, Rodeo Drive, The Riviera, the cosmetics and fashion industries, breast implants, emerging middle classes around the world (in India and certain parts of China), Chambers of Commerce, corporate America, Forbes magazine, materialism, and the stereotypical yuppies.

The Orange vMEME includes about 25% to 30% of the world population. In the United States, the figure is closer to 50% of the population. Worldwide, this vMEME wields 45% to 50% of the power. Orange is the dominant vMEME in the U.S. today.

The following provides more detail on the typical qualities seen in the Orange “Prosperity” vMEME.

  • Characteristics: Competes for success; Goal-oriented drive; Change to progress; Material gain/perks
  • Decision making: Bottom-line results; Test options for best; Consult experts; Successful win spoils
  • Education: Experiments to win; High-tech, high status; How to win niches; Mentors and guides
  • Family: Upwardly mobile; Demands attention; High expectations; Image conscious
  • Community: Caters to prosperous; Displays affluence; Buys into society; Security for the elite
  • Life space: Wants to prosper now; Competition always; Leverages influence; Seeks material things

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