Spiral Dynamics Turquoise / Harmony Mindset


Beyond the largely individualistic Yellow vMEME, the Turquoise “Harmony” vMEME, as the 8th “awakening,” began expressing about 30 years ago. This vMEME’s basic premise is:Experience the wholeness of existence through mind and spirit.

Some of the characteristic beliefs and actions of the Turquoise vMEME include:

  • Experiencing the world as a single, dynamic organism with its own collective mind
  • Acknowledging the Self as both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole
  • Viewing everything connected to everything else as incredibly beautiful ecological alignments
  • Experiencing energy and information as permeating the Earth’s total environment
  • Thinking that is holistic and intuitive, with an expectation of cooperative actions
  • Synthesizing science and religion into a universal spirituality

The Turquoise vMEME is seen in: David Bohm’s theories, McLuhan’s “global village,” Rupert Sheldrake and morphic fields, Gandhi’s ideas of pluralistic harmony, Ken Wilber’s “Spectrum of Consciousness,” James Lovelock’s “Gaia hypothesis,” transpersonal psychology, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s “noosphere,” the White from Lord of the Rings, and Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

The Turquoise vMEME currently has around .01% of the population, but already holds about 1% of the power in the world.

Some of the differences to note are that the Yellow vMEME figures things out on an individual basis, and is very good at figuring out paradoxes on a one-up basis. The Turquoise vMEME goes back into the community orientation. It begins to connect to other organizations and individuals that it harmonizes with to magnify the good we can do.

The following qualities define the Turquoise “Harmony” vMEME.

  • Characteristics: Scans the macro; Synergy of all life; Safe, orderly world; Restore harmony
  • Decision making: Blend natural flows; Look up/downstream; Plan for long-range; Life gets spoils
  • Education: Access to world; Blends feelings and technology; Bring past to life; Maximize the brain
  • Family: Global awareness; Grows consciousness; Broad interest ranges; Seeks outreach
  • Community: Interconnected; Highly diversified; Not isolationist; Information rich
  • Life space: Belong to universe; Fit into chain of being; Do something here; As one with life-force

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