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Our Survival – No. 1 Reason Ecosystems Are the Future! [Part 1]

Over the last 10 months, I’ve counted down the reasons why I believe ecosystems are to become the dominant structure of the future. I’ve used spiral dynamics, a model for emergent human values, to make sense of the incomprehensible change occurring now and gain insight into where all of this might lead.

So, where is all of this leading? No one can know for sure. But perhaps, we can ask where all of this change could lead? Perhaps, it could lead us to a better, more mature state of being. I’ve felt for some time that ecosystems could play a crucial role in unifying our planet. Yet, I wasn’t sure just how it might play out. It took the help of an insightful honor student from Penn State University to trigger my curiosity and bring clarity to my thinking. So, this is it. The top reason I believe ecosystems are the future – Our Survival

Hyper-productivity – No. 2 Reason Ecosystems Are the Future!

I’m counting down the top ten reasons that ecosystems are to become the dominant structure of the future. In the previous post of this series, I presented the concept of abundance, noting that exponential technologies are enabling us to meet the world’s subsistence needs while ecosystems are emerging as alternatives to our current industries.

In this post, I will focus more specifically on how ecosystems will evolve as our values progress.

The Digitally Enhanced World of And

They say if you want to reach the top of a mountain, focus ten feet in front of you. And if you were to ask Bob Johansen how to reach the future, I’m sure he would advise you to focus ten years in front of you. That’s what struck me most when I recently had lunch with Bob. When the distinguished fellow and former President of the Institute for The Future was asked to describe himself, he responded that he is a ten year forecaster.