The Ecosystem of You [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Throughout my ecosystem countdown, I’ve presented evidence that ecosystems are emerging and predicted that they will become the dominant structure of the future. To illustrate how I foresee them evolving, I’ve created the following infographic. A description follows below.

Industries & Hyper-productivity

Widespread innovation (ie- IoT, AI, robotics, blockchain, sharing economy, 3D printing, virtual reality, nanotechnology, circular economy and renewable energy) spawns scenarios that disrupt our current industries. These scenarios, while entrepreneurial and fragmented initially, lead the drive to create highly profitable, hyper-productive experiences. Underpinned by mobile first, centralized platforms like Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, Google and Apple, products are de-materialized and de-monetized to the point of zero marginal cost. Products not de-materialized are adorned with sensors, making virtually everything “smart” as algorithms, artificial intelligence and robots replace humans as the primary customer interface. Starting initially within industries, scenarios soon cross industry lines as rudimentary ecosystems emerge to create hyper-productive experiences. Combinatorial innovation begins making aspects of our lives so productive that things we historically spent a life-time striving for and working toward become highly accessible and more quickly attainable. The need to work plummets.

Centralization vs. Decentralization

As hyper-productivity continues, people become more reliant on centralized platforms that know everything about them and addict them to experiences that, while hyper-convenient, leave them feeling exploited. Data privacy and security concerns escalate. Powered by technologies like blockchain, decentralized applications emerge, allowing individuals to exchange value directly without centralized platforms. These applications offer secure and private product/service alternatives at a fraction of the cost of their centralized counterparts. A battle for adoption and market penetration ensues.

The Ecosystem of You

As the centralization vs. decentralization battle rages, people are working less and less. Although universal basic income programs provide for fundamental needs, people are left yearning for purpose and meaning. Attention turns toward local community, human bonds, and societal issues. People begin favoring organizations that contribute to societal issues as well as provide products/services that enable holistic life experiences rather than narrow customer experiences. Ecosystems evolve to create experiences that are both hyper-productive and meaningful. Needs-based ecosystems emerge that provide for fundamental life needs: resources, wellness, spaces, money, mobility, comfort, community, maker and growth. These needs-based ecosystems interact as a highly personalized “Ecosystem of You” that enables an individual’s life experience.

The Ecosystem of You is focused on the art of life itself. It allows you to live wisely and agreeably and well by drawing upon every dimension of industry, demanding hyper-productive experiences within the context of your life.

Needs-based Ecosystems

The agriculture, water, energy and waste management industries collapse into a circular resources ecosystem that provides abundant renewable energy, net-zero waste and water use and bio-engineered food grown on vertical farms.

The healthcare, fitness and nutrition industries converge into a wellness ecosystem where haptic body sensors stimulate you to exercise and suggest meals bio-engineered to your genome. You 3D print your food and self-administer healthcare and anti-aging treatments.

A hyper-productive spaces ecosystem comprised of interconnected net-zero energy, waste and water use smart homes, buildings and cities forms the basis of community where virtual and augment reality complements physical human interaction.

The wealth management, investing, insurance and banking industries collapse into a hyper-productive v value ecosystem that provides a global open means of value exchange and optimizes individual money management to life goals.

A hyper-productive mobility ecosystem rises from the transportation, airlines, railroads, logistics and automotive industries. Powered by AI, robotics, autonomous electric vehicles and an IoT logistics internet, this ecosystem creates experiences that move people & things from point A to point B with unparalleled efficiency.

A hyper-productive leisure ecosystem, that provides an endless variety of captivating physical, virtual and augmented experiences, emerges out of the entertainment, travel, hospitality and retail industries.

Municipalities, spirituality, special interest, and non-profit industries combine in a hyper-productive community ecosystem. AI and algorithms connect people with common values and interests through local communities and social networks.

A hyper-productive maker ecosystem, emerges to create a seamless experience across the design, innovation, research, experimentation, venture capital, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and innovation industries.

Anything we do to grow, challenge and improve ourselves converges into a hyper-productive growth ecosystem, that blurs the lines between education, work, career management, recruiting, hobbies, volunteering, spirituality and life-long learning.

For more on these needs-based ecosystems, see The Ecosystem Of You Presentation

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