Ecosystem Series

This page indexes the Top Ten Reasons Ecosystems Are The Future series for ease of reference. The series is a countdown and meant to be read in reverse numerical order (10-1).



No. 10 – Community Values

This post introduces the emergence of business ecosystems as reflecting a shift from the Prosperity value system to the Community value system.

No. 9 – Industry Platforms

This post explores the shift from industries based on product sales to ecosystems formed around platforms. It also introduces blockchain technology as perhaps the most disruptive platform because of its ability to drive a cultural shift toward decentralization.

This post introduces the Collaborative Economy as a key indicator of the emergence of ecosystems. Comprised of self-organizing, purpose-driven networks, the Collaborative Economy is founded on community values and leverages open, interoperable platforms that accelerate the organic growth of communities.

This post explores freelancing and Coworking as indicators of the emergence of ecosystems as the global workforce decouples into coworking ecosystems.

This post presents the role of intrinsic motivation in the emergence of ecosystems. Because ecosystems are self-organizing around a common purpose, they attract and are comprised of intrinsically motivated people.

No. 5 – Purpose

This post demonstrates how the most successful companies rally ecosystems around aspirational purpose in ways that traditional companies do not. It demonstrates how these companies harness the power of ecosystem to blur the boundaries between purpose and profit to create superior performance.

No. 4 – Millennials

This post focuses on importance of ecosystems in engaging Millennials as consumers and workers. It explores Millennial values and their relation to the emerging Community value system as well as the role Millennials are playing in the emergence of industry platforms that create hyper-productive experiences.

No. 3 – Abundance

This post explores a the shift from a world driven by competition for scarce resources to a world of abundant resources. It focuses on the technologies that are making resources abundant that were once considered scarce and a path foward underpinned by the exponential progress of human values.

No. 2 – Hyper-productivity

This post explores the role of capitalism and the Prosperity value system in the transition to ecosystems and the Community value system. It covers the role of platforms in both capitalistic and cooperative forms and the challenges that decentralized cooperative models must overcome to proliferate and underpin the shift to the Community values system.

This post introduces the survival of the human race as the top reason that we are transitioning to ecosystems. It explores the redefinition of community as crucial to creating widespread global empathy that will enable us to address our collective social challenges. It introduces the role of a disruptive internet of emotions and affective computing as key enablers.

This post explores the characteristics of the Interdependence value system and its ability to propel the human race into a harmonious state of co-existence. It explores the role of artificial intelligence in creating a global cognitive and creative ecosystem that enables individual and collective growth toward the interdependence value system.

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